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NR-S 2nd Gym Project

The current focus on our non-endowment fund is to build a second gymnasium for our students!

  • The footprint would be 90’ x 70’ with a breezeway to the existing structure.
  • The facility would accommodate a full-sized basketball court as well as 2 volleyball practice courts and have bleachers along the east side.
  • Over 75% of our students participate in extracurriculars and need space for these activities—the highest percentage in the region!
  • Our enrollment is growing.
  • We are one of the few remaining schools of our size that relies on only one in-house facility.
  • Our athletes practice early and late into the evening, which impacts learning.
  • The new space would provide an area for indoor recess when weather does not allow outdoor time – there were 43 days of playground time lost in the winter of 2018-2019!
  • It would cut down on curriculum interruption when there are special events (prom, concerts, etc.).
  • This bulk of this project will be funded through community and alumni donations.
  • The building could be used for community gatherings and events, sponsored by the New Rockford Park Board.

We plan to raise enough money to break ground on this project in the spring of 2021.

Can you help us make that happen?





Thank you to these lovely people who helped stuff the fundraising envelopes!



“I would sincerely like to commend those who are working diligently on this project for the benefit of our New Rockford-Sheyenne area, especially the students of our school. This vision is long overdue in respect to the safety of the young adults who mostly will utilize this structure. During the school year the main gymnasium is constantly active with different sports teams practicing, forcing numerous teams to start practice extremely early in the mornings or finishing practice well after supper. Combine these times with travel to and from home, creating a long day especially if homework needs to be done. With this building in place, the community could have access for many events and/or gatherings that are simply too small for the opening/heating of the main facility. In addition, let’s give the “safety” concern some thought to the above. Having to meet these times involves traveling in the dark with what we all know can encompass some winter conditions. I wholeheartedly urge everyone to support this in any way possible, for New Rockford and Sheyenne’s benefit and for the safety of our next generation.”
– Orley Sinkler, Class of 1972

“It’s wonderful to hear that an additional gymnasium is being considered. This would create more opportunities for youth and student athletes in the community. It would be great to see this come to fruition.”
– Rachael Otto, Class of 1993

“A very worthwhile project for our students in the community.”
– Dewey Heckaman, NRS BB Coach from 1984-1997

“This will give more opportunities for students to be active and can improve their overall health and wellbeing. An additional gym space would be an investment in our youth and community.”
– Cherry Heinz, Physical Education teacher at NR-S

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