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Personalized Learning Academy

Changing the way students learn and teachers teach

We believe our students deserve a voice and choice in their learning and  are now providing an option for students in our Personalized Learning Academy.   Personalized learning refers to instruction in which the pace of learning, the instructional approach, the learning preferences, and the styles of different learners are all tailored to meet the needs of each learner. The instruction is aligned to rigorous academic standards and social-emotional skills students need to be ready for college, career, and life.

  • Edgenuity will be used as the online learning platform. Thursdays are viewed as check-in days, where students meet with the facilitator to discuss their learning paths & decide if additional help is needed.  A plan of action is then put into place if needed.
  • Students work in a comfortable room offering lounge seating, collaboration areas, and quiet singular study areas for preferential experiences. They will then be able to “own” their learning. Self-motivated learners can accelerate their learning if they choose, while others can take additional time as needed. However, there will be a suggested pace set by the Core Course teachers, ensuring students stay on pace, and guidance and instruction will be provided as needed. A facilitator will be in the PLA at all times, offering guidance and direction.  A positive growth mindset is crucial, as students must strive to meet weekly goals.
  • Students who want more independence and choice in their learning are a great fit for the Personalized Learning Academy.  They need to be self-motivated and take responsibility for their learning, and will have room to grow at their own pace.  Goal setting and reflecting, collaboration with peers and teachers, and mastery of content will all play a large role in the academy.  This flexible and relationship-based approach to learning will prepare students with the knowledge and skills to succeed now and in a future that we can only imagine.