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Rocket Boosters

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Rocket Boosters is a volunteer non-profit organization that supports youth activities and events. Funds raised through the concession stands at Rocket football, volleyball, archery, boys basketball and girls basketball games have been donated back to a wide variety of organizations and activities associated with the New Rockford-Sheyenne School.

Rocket Boosters is open to anyone interested in supporting the New Rockford-Sheyenne youth — parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors, friends, alumni and students. Everyone is welcome to join!

  • Rocket Booster Board:  Lisa Longnecker, Tiffany Munson, Tiffany Schaefer, Tara Seward and Amy Cudworth.
  • Scheduling – Tiffany Schaefer
  • Membership – Lisa Longnecker
  • Concession Inventory – Tiffany Schaefer
    • Thank you to Dave Gehrtz of ProSeed, who donates popcorn oil & bags
  • Finances – Amy Cudworth
  • After FB Game Meals – Beth Belquist
  • Concession Opening – Alyson Myhre (VB); Tiffany Schaefer (FB); Connie Soderholm (BBB) and Cherry Heinz (GBB)
  • More help is welcome and always needed! If you would like to lend a hand, contact a board member!

Concession Stand Workers – Parents are asked to work at the concession stands to help raise funds for the Rocket Boosters.  If you are not on the concessions schedule and would like to help out, please contact Tiffany Schaefer. Concession stands open ½ hour before volleyball and basketball games and 1 hour before football games. The chairperson’s responsibility is to call and remind all workers a couple days before they are scheduled to work.

Memberships – Paid memberships, received by August 9, will be listed in the fall & winter sports programs. Memberships received after August 9 will only be in the winter programs.

Annual membership dues:

  • Individual – $15
  • Couple/Family – $25
  • Business
    • Program listing – $25
    • Sign in gym – $50
  • Memorial – $15

2019-20 Concession Schedules:

Requesting Funds:

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To stay updated, please follow:  Rocket Boosters FACEBOOK page