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Student Advisor: Mark Huber

2017yearbookThe NR-S Dial
The mission of the NR-S Dial is to provide a student driven opportunity and community service by documenting and interpreting the various events and activities of our school and community.


  • 2016/17 “Our Journey” issue on sale now – $45.00
  • Older issues available at a discount upon request (see pricing below).
  • Orders can be made in person at the school or online via e-Funds.

2017-18 Staff:

  • Editing:
    • Shayla Thumb – Editor in Chief
    • Miranda Johnson – Co-Editor
  • Page Design:
    • Hayleigh Clapper – Chief Designer
    • Allison Dockter
    • Jackalyn Knutson
    • Katelyn McDowell
  • Photography:
    • Lexi Anderson – Chief Photographer
    • Zander Putney
    • Joshua Homiston
    • Sasha Arellano
    • Madison Schuster
    • Dalton Schuster
    • Kayden Wiedrich
    • Macey Wobbema
    • Andrew Presnell

About The Dial:

  • The Dial is an academic year-round extra-curricular organization of students that are responsible for the documentation of the important events at NR-S. Our history goes back to the founding of the school district, where students and faculty worked together to ensure that everything was recorded as artistically and accurately as possible while still maintaining the spirit of NR-S.

Student/Community Information:

  • Any student interested in being part of The Dial staff is encouraged to speak with the editor or faculty Yearbook adviser, Mr. Huber.
  • Community members who would like to submit their photography for this year’s Dial Yearbook can email them to

Issue Rates/Shipping:

  • 2016-17: “Our Journey” issue – $45.00
  • 2015-16: “The Throwback” issue – $35.00
  • 2014-15: “The Blu” issue – $30.00
  • 2013-14: “The Locker” issue – $25.00
  • 2011-12: “Make Your Mark” issue – $20.00
  • 2011-older: “Legendary” issues – contact us for availability/pricing
  • Shipping: $5.00 per book to all domestic addressable locations.
    • Contact us for other, special, or bulk shipping requests.