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Speech Coach: Karla Fuchs

Speech Team Expectations:

  • Students must practice with Ms. Fuchs a minimum of three times before going to their first meet.
  • Students must practice with Ms. Fuchs at least once before every meet after the first meet attended.
  • Students must sign up in advance for meets.
  • Once students are registered and fees are paid, attendance at meet is a must.
  • Must be on time to leave for the meets, dress as a professional, and manners are important when visiting a school.
  • Must provide a note if not riding with the team.

Competition Expectations:

  • Speech Members must compete at all speech meets unless
    • Unexpected Events such as Illness, Family Emergency
    • School-Related Activity Conflict
    • Reasonable Excuse (note from parent needed with signature and description of excuse)
  • You are allowed one absence without penalty.
  • You are expected to listen to the entire round of speakers unless you are double-entered. This is proper etiquette.
    • All speakers compete twice and the top speakers go to the finals.
    • Please attend the finals of your events, if not as a competitor as an audience member.
  • If you are leaving with your parents, I need to talk to them before you are excused.
    • Leaving the meet without permission will result in missing the next meet.
  • We pay for meets, so you are responsible for telling the coach of any cancellation or addition.
  • Bus departure times will be announced the day before in school.
    • If you miss the bus, your parents may bring you to the meet.
    • If you decide to skip the meet, you will be fined.

Practice Expectations:

  • Must complete all practices on practice form before competing at Regions.
  • Must complete four practices before first speech meet.
  • Must practice At least once between speech meets unless otherwise exempted by the coach.
  • Must complete the practice sheet form.
  • Practice signup is outside the coach’s door
  • Some nights practice will go longer. Check schedule for changes

Letter Requirements:

  • Competed in speech for the entire season.
  • Achieved two of the following requirements:
    • Competed in three (3) invitational tournaments
      • Two times in one event at invitational meets
      • One time in two different events at invitational meets.
    • Have placed at Region Tournament,
  • Competed in the region tournament
    • Coaches’ discretion is used when establishing final decision about lettering.

Sportsmanship Expectations:

  • Show good sportsmanship and respect that would make NR-S proud.
  • No conflicts or issues while at speech meets
    • Any behavioral issues will lead to the student being removed from the team.