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Speech Team Expectations:

  • Students must practice a minimum of three times before going to their first meet.
  • Students must practice at least once before every meet after the first meet attended.
  • Students must sign up in advance for meets.
  • Once students are registered and fees are paid, attendance at meet is a must.
  • Must be on time to leave for the meets, dress as a professional, and manners are important when visiting a school.
  • Must provide a note if not riding with the team.

Letter Requirements:

  • Competed in speech for the entire season.
  • Achieved two of the following requirements:
    • Competed in three (3) invitational tournaments
      • Two times in one event at invitational meets
      • One time in two different events at invitational meets.
    • Have placed at Region Tournament,
  • Competed in the region tournament
    • Coaches’ discretion is used when establishing final decision about lettering.