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Head Coach:  Brady Eichelberger

Asst. Coach:  Erin Radke

Esports is a fast-growing non-traditional flexible sport that involves competing via school appropriate video games against other schools within the region (Central U.S.). At NR-S, we currently have four, three-person teams, and all four currently play the difficult car-soccer game “Rocket League”: Phantoms, Controlled Chaos, Sentinels, and The Greeks. Esports is all about reaching students who have a passion for video games and/or technology. Just like for other sports, students are required to remain eligible, consistently attend practice, and remain committed to the program. Esports also consists of valuable lessons similar to traditional sports, such as strong communication, self and team accountability, handling both wins and losses, and building friendships and a place of belonging. Not only do more high schools across the state and nation build programs each year, but colleges/universities do as well, which can lead to potential scholarships and opportunities. We are excited to be able to offer Esports to students before so many other schools inevitably build their programs within the next few years, and we are already off to a great start!