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Choir is an elective music course for junior and high school students desiring to perform.  The goal of this course is to teach students to become better and more confident musicians and to develop an appreciation for various styles of music.

Choir Goals:

  • To develop correct vocal habits and techniques and to sing with a beautiful sound
  • To develop musicianship skills in reading notation, sight-singing and ear training.
  • To identify musical elements and perform expressive qualities in varying styles of choral music.
  • To contribute to the blend, balance and overall quality of the ensemble by developing the ability to sing individual parts securely.
  • To develop confidence in performing by practicing performance etiquette and decorum at all times.
  • To have opportunities for enjoyment of music through active participation.
  • To develop self-discipline by functioning as a responsible member of the ensemble.
  • To develop a desire to continue musical experiences.
  • To be able to express their ideas and evaluations about musical performances in writing.

Objectives for the year:

  • Demonstrate proper singing posture.
  • Demonstrate expanded rib cage breathing.
  • Demonstrate breath support.
  • Sustain vocal phrases.
  • Demonstrate correct tone production.
  • Demonstrate vertical vowel formation.
  • Sing diphthongs correctly.
  • Demonstrate correct diction and articulation of consonants.
  • Sight sing musical excerpts of beginning difficulty.
  • Sing degrees of the scale using solfege syllables.
  • Blend and balance with the choir when singing.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of musical terms and symbols.
  • Listen analytically to yourself and critique your performance.

Grading policy:

  • Participation and Effort – These all-important qualities comprise 70% of your quarter grade.  This will be a weekly grade assessed by the director and updated regularly in PowerSchool.  The director will determine this portion of the grade from an evaluation in the following areas:
    • Attendance  (absences/tardies from rehearsals)
    • Positive attitude/behavior/effort
    • Class readiness  (folder/music out, pencil checks, preparation)
    • Miscellaneous assignments that may arise
  • Concert attendance (Concerts and National Anthem)
    • The final goal of choir is to prepare for performances throughout the year.  All concerts are required and worth 30% of your grade.  National Anthem performances, while not required, are a wonderful way for us to show off our program to the public on a regular basis and as such, students are expected to be present for these whenever possible

Music Room Expectations:

  • No cell phones or other personal electronic/digital devices are allowed in the classroom. Rule of thumb:  if it can text or connect to the internet, it is not allowed in the classroom.
  • No gum, candy, or food is allowed in the classroom.
  • No backpacks, tote bags, purses, etc. are allowed in the classroom
  • Report any inability to sing, due to illness or injury, before class begins on that day. Your participation level for that day will then be determined by the teacher.
  • Take any necessary breaks at the restrooms or water fountains BEFORE class begins.
  • You may bring bottled water in to the classroom.
  • Keep a pencil in your folder for use in marking music. Mrs. Hovey will provide you with one pencil at the beginning of the year.
  • Students who are dismissed from participation in any concert for any reason, will be given an alternative assignment to complete.